f. 2020-10-31




  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 3 week old

    Still great weight development for all the puppies until the 21st day, which is also the day when puppies enter the socialization period! Their social behavior develops very quickly, which is clearly noticeable not only between the puppies but also towards us! Now they make proper contact and clearly recognize our scent and voice!
    Right now the puppies eats 2 to 3 meals of fresh meat (VOM) and a complete chicken based pet food (Robur Mother and Puppy) a day and of course free access to milk from Öza!
    Öza still spends most of the time with the puppies but leaves them more and more alone, but always have an eye on the little ones!
    The whelping box was of course opened on the 21st day, like the wolf puppies is leaving the lair for the first time on the 21st day! Of course the puppy wolf do not need to face the slippery floor and the sound from the screwdriver that mounts the puppy den! But they have of course a lot of other things to learn for surviving!
    During the socialization period, the puppies also begin to become aware of where to pee and poop and starts looking for suitable places for this, such as on the newspapers we put just outside the puppy box!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 2 week old

    The puppies are now 2 weeks old and the weight development looks great! In this period it's really tough work feeding all the puppies, up to now the puppies have gained 7 kg meaning 25% of Öza's weight! All seven have now opened their eyes and they are beguinning to stand up an all four legs instead of crawling! Now the puppies go into what is usually called the "transition phase" which is a lasting for one week, now the sight develops and hearing begins to work. The puppies start walking instead of crawling and eeling forward, the first teeths will come. They will become aware of each other and the first social behaviors start such as wagging their tails. Now there are also fear reactions to sound and visual impressions. Exciting period!

  • Ekhöjdens Z-litter 1 week old

    Already one week!! All puppies eat properly and the weight development looks very good, in principle they have doubled their birth weight from 400 to about 800 grams during the first week! Öza continues to take care of her little ones in the best way and spends all her time with the puppies. The first few days she reluctantly left the puppy box to eat etc. now that the puppies are a week old, she agrees to go for a short walk without major protests!

  • Ekhöjden's Z-litter is born!

    Öza chose to give birth to the puppies already on day 61 and on the All Saints' Day!
    There were a total of 7 puppies, two boys and five girls all fine and viable! Their birth weight was approximately 400 grams, but they all show good growth in the first critical days! This is Öza's second litter and she handled the puppies' birth in the best way! It's fantastic to have an experienced and confident bitch who takes care of the puppies' birth in the best way! The puppies' weight curves look good and all the puppies eat with good appetite!